Hi, I am Shelli Nicole Parker.

My name is Shelli Nicole Parker, I have been in business independently for 20 years and worked as a full time photojournalist for local and regional publications. My career has crossed state and international lines, but I am based in East Texas. My style and personality is fun, artistic, and I love to laugh. I can photograph anything you put in front of me and have trained extensively on both the technical and artistic sides of photography. My training has included briefly studying under a National Geographic photographer, some of the top photographers in the industry, including one of the top five wedding photographers in the world. I enjoy what I do, and show up looking professional but ready to put you at ease. My equipment is professional quality and when you have been published daily, you know how to get the shot right. Many photographers can get lucky, but it takes someone with expertise to get those shots consistently and every time. My passion is capturing emotion, and business photography. I am all about helping people live their dreams and succeed. My specialty is corporate photography. The only place I like drama is in my photos, making art out of day to day life.


Reigning Jewels

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"We FINALLY got to look at the pictures you took. Wow! They are AWESOME!!! Thank you!"

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